Terms of Use for the Challenge Datasets

  1. Due to ethical regulations about the dataset, the participants who request training data have to register to the challenge with their true information. Name of a corresponding person, the valid information about university/institution, country and department must be indicated. Using official e-mail account of the university/institution/company is necessary. Anonymous and/or Incomplete registrations will not be accepted. Accounts with offical mail adresses (i.e. edu mails) will be accepted in a very short time. Others may not be approved or can take time to validate the given information.
  2. This challenge and all data related with this challenge is organized for only educational and research purposes. It is not allowed to use these sets for another purpose. Any commercial use of any kind of data and information is forbidden. Developing a commertial segmentation method is also forbidden based on these data.
  3. The data can only be used for developing segmentation algorithms. For any other purpose (even for educational purposes),  it is necessary to get permissions from the organizers.
  4. Participants should cite to this challenge and related papers (which will be submitted to be published after the challenge)  in their scientific works (articles, conference papers, posters, thesis, reports, etc.) if they used some or all of the data provided.
  5. All participants are strongly encouraged to send a 1-2 page paper that describes their method briefly (ISBI 2019 full paper or digest format). If the method employed has already been published, the participants should refer to the relevant publication. It is not obligatory to share the codes of the developed segmentation algorithm, whereas it is strongly recommended.
  6. Sharing or distributing some or all of the data provided in this challenge under any circumstances is not allowed.
  7. Participants have full responsibility for ownership of their algorithms. Any improper usage of someone else's algorithm is charged to the participants.
  8. Anyone who registers to this challenge, who downloads/uses some or all of the data in these sets is considered to have read and accepted all the rules mentioned above.